Importance of land surveying before construction

You might be surprised to know that the second oldest profession in this world is that of land surveying. It is a combination of art and science that maps and measures a land area. It has vast scope but mainly does the job of measuring the land boundaries of people and the place of their location. Surveying of the land is crucial for railroads, buildings, airports, bridges, skyscrapers etc. An example of surveying is that a fence is added to the yard. Unless you know the exact boundaries, the permit of the fence will never happen and thus, the surveying of the land is needed.

The boundary surveys are an important part of the designs and constructions for all building projects. It is conducted in order to get a proper location of the said property. Usually a land surveyor comes and inspects the topography of the land to figure out a lot of specifications. Unless the survey results are precise, they do not ensure the main purpose of designs of the building construction. One of the major findings in the boundary surveying is to ensure that the land is elevated enough to prevent floods in the area.

The title landsurvey ensures all types of real estate transactions and also certifies the fact that a building is constructed as per the approved designs. There are many other different activities that are taken care of by the surveying of the land. Some of the tasks that are completed by the land surveying are to dredge the bottom of the river or any other water body. The survey pinpoints the proper location in order to avoid any kind of controversies or complications.

Another example of the survey is when there is a public place that needs mapping like the roadways, air traffic, tunnels, air ports, railways, piping, and the cabling etc. It is also needed when you need to break down a bigger piece of land into smaller plots.

Some of the basic responsibilities of a landsurveyor include the measuring, mapping, and of course observing of the land. There is a tool that helps the surveyors in this regard. That tool is known as a total station. The surveyors derive the elevations of the land with the help of the tools along with the angle measurements and other geometrical measurements. They also help in measuring the distances with the help of GPS that showcases the intersections.

The surveyor will also report of the data found in the survey in a concise report for the client. The surveyor must have the basic knowledge about the zone, building, and the planning regulations. He must also have the basic knowledge about the wetland regulations and rules regarding the general usage of the land. He must be able to apply the various techniques learned along with the latest technology so as to measure the land in the most advanced manner. He must also have the latest equipments like the satellite technology, laser, and the computers of course.


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